We offer you an individual therapy concept that includes naturopathy. We focus on naturopathy-oriented regulation medicine, environmental medicine, oncology (including naturopathic regulation therapy and psychosomatic medicine).

Special focus areas
"Traditional Western Medicine" (TWM): Particularly methods according to Father Sebastian Kneipp and Hildegard von Bingen.
"Traditional Eastern Medicine" (TEM): Particularly Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with emphasis on acupuncture and phytotherapy.
Applied environmental medicine and oncology: Detoxification and deacidification therapies and immunotherapies.
Anti-aging medicine: Bio-hormone therapy (BHT), connective tissue and lymph therapy (improvement of the overall connective tissue), NEO-CONTROL® pelvic floor therapy (activates your pelvic floor, prevention and treatment of bladder control problems).
Colonic cleansing procedures: Symbiosis control, phytotherapy, enzyme therapy, colon immune stimulation therapy (CIST).
Immunotherapies: Oxygen, ozone own-blood and mesotherapy, etc.

1. Naturopathy in oncology

We combine orthodox medicine, naturopathy and modern complementary methods. Our immunotherapies and detoxification and colonic cleansing therapies have proven very valuable. Some of the procedures included here are individual immuno-infusions, anti-oxidant infusions, ozone therapy, oxygen therapy, colon immune-stimulation therapy, acupuncture, electro-acupuncture and orthomolecular therapy. Important supplements include oncological phytotherapy, mistletoe therapy, thymus therapy, organo-peptide therapy, regenerative cell therapy, therapy with dendritic cells, etc.

2. Naturopathic detoxification therapies

After a comprehensive discussion of the environmental medicine aspects, we measure your individual toxin loads and then establish an individual, naturopathy-oriented detoxification concept: Psychological detoxification (psychosomatic concept: letting go, forgiving, visualisation, etc.), nutritional analysis and nutritional modification, individual therapeutic diet, immune-stimulating therapeutic fasting, location and cleansing of foci in the body, determination and purging of toxins, heavy metal detoxification: Chelation therapy, colonic detoxification and strengthening, colon immune stimulation therapy (CIST), etc.

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3. Hildegard healing

One special area in naturopathy on which we focus in our Practice is healing according to Hildegard von Bingen. Hildegard had already recognized important environmental medicine interrelations 900 years ago, was familiar with a body of medicinal plants, herbs, trees and minerals and left behind a wealth of information on healing, which is currently highly topical and which can be combined with modern orthodox medicine and naturopathy. One major pioneer in Hildegard medicine in the 20th century was particularly the Austrian physician Dr. med. Gottfried Hertztka (his successor is Dr. rer. nat. Wighard Strehlow, who has also made great contributions to Hildegard medicine) and Dr. Dr. med. Dr. theol. Alfons Berkmüller (neurologist, psychiatrist, internist, theologian and priest). He is one of the "Hildegard masters" of Schulte-Uebbing. Today, there is an International Hildegard von Bingen Society. Many Hildegard formulations have proven themselves valuable as a complementary therapy in our Practice. Hildegard healing belongs to the Traditional Western Medicine (TWM) and has astonishing parallels to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda medicine. Hildegard recognises the elements air, water, earth and fire, describes medicinal plants and formulations as dry or wet, warm or cold, nurturing or useless, etc. Hildegard, like TCM, incorporates all of creation in the healing, the micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos, in which the divine laws always apply everywhere. When a person, as a creation of God, lives in harmony with God and nature, he or she remains mentally and physically healthy. Whoever is sick can become healthy, "unless God does not want it". An analysis of Hildegard's therapeutic work shows that it is founded on four pillars:
1. Nourish the soul (prayer, meditation, singing, music, etc.)
2. Strengthen the mind (never stop learning, remain mentally fit)
3. Strengthen the body's defence (routine rhythm, movement, healthy nutrition)
4. Periodic detoxification (bloodletting, cupping, therapeutic fasting, etc.).
Based on the principle: "The soul of the therapy is the therapy of the soul", the first two pillars, "nourish the soul" and "strengthen the mind", are much more important than the third and fourth pillars. Hildegard healing is consequently also a Christian psychotherapy. An important principle in Hildegard is "helping people to help themselves". Health is ours by the grace of God and as a gift from God, but each person is also responsible for his or her own health. We offer a number of Hildegard therapies, including bloodletting for detoxification, cupping, phytotherapy according to Hildegard, etc.

Background information
Schulte-Uebbing has a certificate of added qualification in "Naturopathy" and has been an author and lecturer for many years. As far as Hildegard healing is concerned, he was the first Chairman of the Munich Hildegard-Gesellschaft e.V.

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Suggested reading on Hildegard healing (selection)
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