Prof. Dr. med. C. Schulte-Uebbing

Over 30 years of gynecology in Munich

As a gynecologist, environmental medical doctor, oncologist, specialist in naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and psychosomatics, Prof. Dr. Schulte-Uebbing has been know far beyond Munich for over 30 years. The patients in the practice appreciate the enormous knowledge of the native of Munich, who has written more than 400 scientific publications. His principle is always: individually, integratively, holistically, both in diagnosis and in therapy.

Your gynecologist for Munich – the top address in Munich, for patients from home and abroad

“We stand for a synthesis of conventional medicine and traditional medicine.”

Because experience and expertise are worth their weight in gold, the practice of Prof. Dr. Schulte-Uebbing is number 1 not only in Munich when it comes to gynecology, gynecological oncology, environmental medicine, natural hormone treatment und immunotherapy. Prof. Dr. Schulte-Uebbing: “In addition to the latest conventional medicine according to guidelines, we offer modern integrative procedures in our practice, for example radiation free breast cancer screening and aftercare procedures, vital field® diagnostics and therapy, intravenous laser therapy® and external soft laser therapy® according to Dr. Weber, ozone oxygen therapy® according to Dr. Hänsler and much more.”

As a specialist in gynecology in Munich, Prof. Dr. Schulte-Uebbing is very concerned about filtering out the causes of diseases in order to be able to implement an individual, cause oriented therapy concept and thus successfully harmonize body, soul and spirit.

New: immunotherapies after corona infections (Long Covid). Many people who were ill with Covid 19 still suffer from chronic exhaustion, listlessness, tiredness and immune deficiencies. Immunotherapies can often achieve significant improvements here.

  • Born in Munich

  • Dr. med.

    EU / L.M.U. München, since 1988

  • Associated Professor

    EU / ORADEA, since 2007, regular lectures: focus on gynecology, oncology, endocrinology, environmental medicine

  • Subject areas

    gynecologist, environmental medicine, oncology, naturopathy, acupuncture, psychosomatics, psychoenergetics

  • Author of various medical textbooks

    approximately 400 scientific publications, mainly on gynecological, endocrinological, oncological and environmental medicine topics (see also “publications”)

  • Medical reviewer

  • Scientific advisory board of various medical societies

Publications in the field of gynecology, gynecological oncology, environmental medicine and immunology

Over 400 scientific publications in more than 30 years – remarkable knowledge that is second to none

Prof. Dr. Claus Schulte-Uebbing is considered a luminary in his field – in Munich and far beyond. The patients in our practice for gynecology in the center of Munich come from all over Germany to benefit from the enormous expertise of the professor.

The long-standing owner of the practice has written publications on the topics of endometriosis, fibroids, breast cancer, incontinence, infertility, gynecological oncology, integrative breast cancer therapy and aftercare, immune infusions in cancer therapy, etc.