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Psychosomatics, Psychoenergetics

Mental causes in focus

Many physical diseases also have mental (partial) causes That is why we  integrate psychosomatics into diagnostics and therapy whenever possible.

The following diseases in particular can have psychological and psychosomatic (partial) causes (selection):

  • immune deficiency
  • fears, anorexia
  • discharge
  • breast cancer
  • burn out syndrome
  • depression
  • endometriosis, exhaustion
  • frequent infections, joint problems
  • hair loss, cardiac arrhythmias, hormonal disorders
  • headache, cancer, bone pain
  • libido problems, lumbago, anorexia, fibroids, migraines
  • relationship problems, period pains, pain in sexual intercourse
  • tinnitus,obesity, restlessness
  • menopausal symptoms (sweating, heat, etc.)
  • weather sensitivity
  • cycle disorders, etc.

Burn Out, exhaustion – here too we know to successfully help

More and more people have permanent stress, suffer from the burnout syndrome and have chronic exhaustion. In today’s world, many people have to function and constantly perform at work and in the family. This can lead to an overwhelm syndrome. Many people develop physical and mental diseases as a result. Depressions may occur. Physical, mental and spiritual degradation and aging processes then run faster, etc.

Finding and dissolving negative programming

Some people suffer from chronic diseases for many years and decades, run from therapist to therapist, everyone tries very hard, but nobody can help.

  • causes can be unconscious negative programming.
  • the patients subconsciously do not believe that they could be healthy.
  • metabolism, organs and organ systems are programmed for diseases.
  • such programming often exists for a very long time.
  • promises, resolutions, vows and oaths that were made long ago can also be reasons for negative programming
  • a so called mental self destruction program runs

Self destruction programs: can trigger diseases and make them chronic

Self destruction programs run unconsciously. They can last for a long time. For example, they can be unconscious causes of many chronic, therapy resistant diseases, especially the following addictions:

  • excessive smoking
  • alcohol abuse
  • excessive unhealthy eating
  • drug abuse
  • anorexia, etc.

Self destruction programs can trigger diseases and make them chronic.  

They can manipulate  therapies and reduce their  efficiency.  They can lead to various psychosocial problems: Self-destruction programs encourage self-aggression and other aggression, internal and external conflicts, partnership and professional problems, etc

  • self destruction programs make you sick and block you
  • we can help to uncover and resolve such patterns
  • then therapies can be more effective
  • healing, e.g. by immune therapies, can be possible

We uncover self destruction programs and solve them

Self destruction programs block healing. We can help to uncover and resolve such schemes.

Important steps to become healthy or stay healthy:

  • “I accept the current situation as it is. I am not fighting against it.“
  • “I will be healthy, if it’s meant to be
  • “I accept and bless everything that has passed”
  • “I accept and bless everything that is now
  • “I am authentic: I accept myself as I am”
  • “No matter what happens: I am part of creation. I am a beloved creature of God”
  • “I do not need to be afraid.”
  • “Everything that happens to me has a meaning, even if I do not understand this meaning at the moment”
  • “My diseases have causes. If these are found and treated correctly, I can – God willing – be cured
  • “It is not important that I live as long as possible, but that I live consciously and meaningfully
  • “I do not live in the past and not in the future”
  • “I live here and now and every moment is unique
  • “I am grateful for everything“
  • “I don’t judge
  • “I don’t force anything“
  • “I let it be. Everything is as it is”

Immunotherapy healing:

  • individual immune infusions: e.g. mitochondrial infusions®, amino acid, vitamin, mineral infusions,
  • ozone oxygen therapy® according to Dr.Hänsler)
  • intravenous laser therapy® according to Dr.Weber
  • external soft laser therapy® (“laser shower“) according to Dr.Weber
  • vital field therapy Vitatec® (bioenergetic therapy)
  • immune acupuncture, ear acupuncture
  • immune laser acupuncture
  • meso therapy, meso acupuncture®
  • immune therapies of traditional western medicine, e.g. according to Hildegard von Bingen, etc.


Prof. Schulte-Uebbing has completed many advanced training courses on the subject of psychosomatics, psychotherapy, self-healing and psychoenergetics.

  • at the private academy for psychopedics (Head: J. Derbolowsky) he did all the courses for the additional qualification “Basic psychosomatic care” and has had this additional qualification for many years.
  • at the LPM (Lehrkollegium Psychotherapeutische Medizin e.V.) he took part in the theory seminars I (deep psychology, personality theory, test psychology, developmental psychology, learning psychology, psychopathology, psychodynamics of the family / group) as part of the curricular further training for the additional designation in psychotherapy and for the specialist in psychotherapeutic medicine), II (general and special theory of neuroses, psychodynamics / expert opinion, eating disorders/bulemia/anorexia, borderline), III (depth psychological treatment technique, integrative psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychotherapy, depth psychological treatment technique, brief psychotherapy, focal therapy, body-oriented psychotherapy). He has completed further training in psychiatric case seminars as well as family and couple therapy.
  • he regularly takes part in Balint groups and supervision.
  • Schulte-Uebbing has attended many healing seminars, i.a. also at Monika Redl- Janssen and Andreas Redl.
  • at Gerhard Klügl, Liechtenstein, Prof. Schulte-Uebbing did the full time training as an aura surgeon and i.a. learned to recognize self destruction programs and bioenergetic blockages and to dissolve them together with the patients.

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