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Ozone oxygen therapy®

Also valuable in cancer therapy

For more than 30 years we have been carrying out the ozone oxygen therapy® according to Dr. Hänsler – with great success for the health of our patients.

Ozone oxygen therapy® according to Dr. Hänsler

The ozone oxygen therapy® according to Dr.Hänsler, also known as the major autologous blood treatment®, has proven itself in our gynecological practice in Munich for over 30 years. This is an extracorporeal blood treatment, usually in a low dosage range of 500 micrograms of ozone per treatment.



Ozone oxygen treatment® according to Dr. Hänsler – proven for the following indications (selection):

  • weakness in concentration and memory (therapy and prevention)
  • chronic infections, immune deficits (therapy and prevention)
  • cancer (integratively)
  • viral diseases (therapy and prevention)
  • hormonal disorders, menstrual disorders, menopausal disorders)
  • connective tissue weakness, osteoporosis (therapy and prevention)
  • vein problems, cellulite, wound healing problems
  • circulatory disorders
  • osteoarthritis, knee, hip, spine pain
  • as an anti aging measure, to stabilize the psyche, etc.

We combine the ozone oxygen therapy® according to Dr. Hänsler successfully with other methods, for example with:

  • acupuncture, ear acupuncture, laser acupuncture
  • vital field therapy Vitatec®
  • immune infusions
  • intravenous laser therapy® according to Dr.Weber
  • chelation therapies®
  • deacidifying infusions
  • magnetic field therapy Magnetodyn®, etc.

Ozone oxygen therapy® in integrative cancer therapy

Tumor cells have defects in oxygen supply and utilization. Tumor cells grow primarily in anaerobic metabolism, preferably in oxygen poor tissue. The oxygen ozone therapy® according to Dr.Hänsler, among other things, can contribute to an improved oxygen supply. The growth of tumor cells can be better blocked.

Please note: The costs for the ozone oxygen therapy® are not covered by health insurances.


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For 30 years we have been using the ozone oxygen therapy according to Dr. Hänsler. This modern therapy method has proven itself, e.g. in the case of concentration and memory weakness, chronic infections, immune deficits, cancer (integratively), viral diseases, hormonal disorders, menstrual cycle disorders, weakness of the connective tissue, osteoporosis, vein problems, cellulitis, wound healing problems, circulatory disorders, arthrosis, knee, hip, spine pain, as an anti aging measure, to stabilize the psyche, etc.


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